Normal Park LOWER: Winter/Spring 2020 Sessions (TUESDAYS)

$ 140.00

Session 1: TUESDAYS, January 14 - March 10; $140
Session 2: TUESDAYS, March 17 - May 12 (no class Apr 7); $140

FULL SEMESTER: $270 (save $10!)

***Each session requires a minimum of 8 kids, with a max of 12.*** 

Welcome back to school! Get ready for a delicious adventure this semester with Sprouts Cooking!!  Learning comes alive in the kitchen classroom where kids mix math, simmer science, and taste fun! Sprouts Cooking classes offer each young chef the opportunity to create (and eat:)) deliciously healthy recipes, learn culinary skills, all while having fun in the kitchen! We provide all of the tools, ingredients, and instruction to cook up a fun and healthy snack each class - and they will LOVE eating what they've created! We also provide the session's recipes for your young chef and family to recreate and enjoy at home! 

These Normal Park Lower classes are on TUESDAYS, after school, in the Science Room! Select your session choice from the dropdown menu above!