About Us

Sprouts Cooking is local, Chattanooga-based, and was created and launched by an imaginative cook and mother of two, Allie Fincher.  Fascinated by her children’s love of food, yet discouraged by unhealthy and over-processed food options that are so readily available, Allie was determined to merge her passions – children, healthy eating, and flavorful cooking! Believing that the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn, Sprouts Cooking was launched with the hope of empowering young people to jump into the kitchen and get cooking! 

Allie and all of the Sprouts Cooking Chef Instructors bring their educational enrichment, their culinary chops, and some FANTASTIC FUN as they instruct sprouting chefs to chop, measure, and mix their way to experience new and exciting tastes, while learning about whole foods and how they nourish our bodies and minds!


Allie Fincher, Sprouts Owner and Lead 'Cool'inary Instructor
As Sprouts Cooking’s owner and head 'Cool'inary Instructor, Allie encourages children to bite beyond typical ‘kid food’ and cook-up sophisticated, family-friendly fare. Chef Allie shares genuine enthusiasm, imagination, and patience while inspiring kids of all ages to chop, mix, create and discover in the kitchen. She finds joy in teaching kids and their families to prepare healthy and delicious meals, and believes that learning to cook as a child inspires a lifelong pursuit of healthful eating, and that meals made together always taste better! 

Allie Hindsberg, Chef Instructor
Yes, we have TWO Chef Allie's! And, this Chef Allie also loves to cook! She also LOVES to run, so she is passionate about creating nutritious and tasty recipes that will give her energy to finish the race. Chef Allie is also a teacher, and she understands that the best way to get kids excited about something new and different, is to involve them in it! Because of this, Chef Allie makes sure that every one of her classes is engaging, interactive, and of course, fun! She encourages her students to explore the new foods that they encounter, and in doing so, discover all of the awesome ways that healthy cooking can be delicious! 

Angie Holland, Chef Instructor
Chef Angie brings her passion for cooking and baking, as well as her love for children to the Sprouts Cooking kitchen classroom. She has a passion for educating children about the importance of fueling our bodies with healthy, real food, as well as teaching them how versatile and exciting whole foods can be. Children will explore the culinary world with Chef Angie's fun and engaging guidance in a safe and lively environment. Her instruction promotes creativity and teamwork, as well as encourages kids to expand their palates and try foods they might not be willing to try in other settings.

Rachel Gray, Chef Instructor
Chef Rachel has both a love of cooking and a passion for hands on education. Before joining Sprouts, you could find her either running an elementary library or teaching middle school science in Arkansas and Memphis as well as hanging out in the kitchen cooking with locally grown veggies and fruits. She believes wholeheartedly in the critical importance of learning how to feed yourself and the ones that you love. She grew up learning kitchen skills from her amazing mother and other relatives and sees cooking as a fantastic way to show people that you care about their well being. For years she's been baking and cooking foods from a wide variety of cuisines and has recently been introduced to the wonderful flavors of Korean food. Rachel loves to learn more about other cultures through their food traditions and is always looking for new ways to share her passion for food with family and friends. She also enjoys learning more about the science of agriculture and cooking and can't wait to do some gardening now that she's back in Tennessee.

Shannon Rogers, Chef Instructor
Chef Shannon is a mother of four with a passion for preparing delicious and healthy whole food recipes with fruits and vegetables.  She especially likes to use those grown in her own garden. With over 15 years of experience in education she combines her passion for preparing healthy foods with a love of teaching to produce a fun and inspiring classroom. As children are encouraged to explore, taste, and create they take with them new skills as well as a new understanding that any food can be "yummy" when prepared well. They also take with them self confidence and team work skills gained through creating delicious foods in a "made from scratch" fashion. 

Susan Bynum, Chef Instructor
Chef Susan is a former special education teacher with 18 years of classroom experience. She has continued to expand her culinary knowledge and love of learning by joining the Sprouts Cooking team. On any given day, you will find her reading a cookbook as if it were a novel, or researching new restaurants in town. She is passionate about travel, and utilizes her experiences in the cooking classroom. Chef Susan looks forward to introducing your child to a new and fun food expedition each week. We will travel the world together, and discover healthy and delicious cuisines along the way. Pack your appetite; we are boarding the Sprouts Cooking Express!!