Our Philosophy

What we believe…

At Sprouts Cooking we believe in the power of whole foods and want to bring back food education!

We believe that building healthy eating habits at an early age is important, and that the kitchen classroom is the tastiest place to learn!

We believe that teaching children to make their own healthy choices, and empowering them with basic cooking skills and the freedom to participate in the preparation of meals, will inspire them to develop their own natural and balanced approach to healthy eating that they’ll carry with them as they grow.




We want your child to…

Explore, Discover, and Create!

By allowing them a hands-on approach to explore a diverse array of flavors, colors, textures, and superfoods! Discover and create imaginative snacks and meals that are both healthy and delicious! To inspire them to celebrate all the amazing tastes that wholesome foods have to offer.

Enjoy the Journey!

By making cooking and eating healthy FUN! Those little taste buds are constantly evolving, and the good news is we need to eat every day—so there’s always a new opportunity to experiment.

Learn Something New!

By offering programs that are designed to complement your school’s curriculum and customized classes that can be tailored to meet specific food allergies or sensitivities. No child is excluded, no matter what. All Sprouts Cooking Chef Instructors are highly trained with a background in education and a passion for culinary arts, and combined with a child’s desire to learn – it’s a recipe for successful learning!


For more information or to contact us, call 866-698-6556 or email info@sproutscooking.com.